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You Want Me to Exercise?

I know. I hear you loud and clear. You woke up this morning in pain. Trying to muster enough energy to even get out of bed. Getting ready for your day felt like you just ran a 5K. Wait, didn’t I just wake up? I should have more energy than this! What did I do in my sleep to feel this exhausted? Oh, that’s right. I didn’t sleep well. My pain-somnia kept me from getting any good sleep. So now you’re telling me to go exercise? Ugh. That’s supposed to help my arthritis pain?
All the research shows that exercise is one of the best ways to treat arthritis. But for those of us living with it 24/7, it can be one of the last things we want to do. Been there, done that, going through it all over again. As a patient, I know how hard it is to get moving when I have pain. As an occupational therapist, I know how hard it is to get someone motivated to get moving; I also understand how staying physically active can make a huge difference for your health.
I’ve had years I was more active than others – hiking, completing a 10K, biking and even climbing a 14K mountain. And I’ve had years, like this past one, where my physical activity level has decreased – a difficult recovery from surgery, changing biologics to get my RA back under control and switching to a more sedentary job. I am feeling the difference. I need to get my body moving more. But how?
I’m so excited about our Live Yes! With Arthritis Podcast episode on arthritis and physical activity. My co-host Julie and I get to chat with Dr. Kim Huffman, a rheumatologist and researcher from Duke University Medical Center, who is an expert on arthritis and physical activity. I really enjoyed our conversation because Dr. Huffman is validating what I am trying to get across to my fellow colleagues in the OT/PT world – reframe “exercise” as “physical activity” and make sure it’s something motivating to the patient. These are two key components to getting active and staying active.
It’s not just all about getting on the treadmill or lifting weights. It’s about moving your body and staying active. Find something that makes you happy – like a morning routine dance party, taking your dog for a walk, biking with your kids – or for me, just walking outdoors on a trail or hiking. Build little bursts of physical activity into your daily routine.
Being physically active can help reduce some of your arthritis pain and symptoms. You’ll also get some inspiration from Julie’s story on going from not owning a bike to completing an AMAZING journey on a bike. If you’re afraid of getting started or not sure what to do, listen to this episode on arthritis and physical activity for some ideas and tips from our expert, and get a better understanding of why physical activity is crucial to your treatment plan.

Episode 3 - Trendy Diets Mon, 06 Jan 2020 23:45:00 -0500 7f9c4a77-e514-40e6-a51e-d3ffcb38689b Get the low-down on what to chow down It’s common knowledge that a healthy diet can improve your arthritis symptoms. Yet, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with new diet fads and conflicting research reports. In this episode, we tackle the most common diet trends for people with arthritis and discuss the pros, cons and risks.

Nutrition expert and registered dietitian Dr. Lona Sandon will help us separate fact from fiction. Here’s a run-down of diets discussed on the episode:

Keto – The ketogenic diet is a very low-carb, high-fat diet

*Paleo *– A paleo diet includes lean meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and limits dairy, grains and legumes, including beans and corn; this diet became common when farming emerged about 10,000 years ago

*Intermittent Fasting *– Doesn’t limit the foods you eat, just when you eat it; most intermittent fasting diets recommend 8-16 hours without eating

Cleanses/Detoxes – These diets have a short-term elimination of foods and/or food groups; many cleanse or detox diets include shakes, smoothies or fortified water drinks for the majority of your calories

Always check with your healthcare provider about questions for your specific medical and diet needs.

Episode 2 - Mindfulness Tue, 10 Dec 2019 09:00:00 -0500 d4f855dd-f54e-4fd6-af7d-4f83f980b6d1 On this episode, we’re talking about the link between stress and arthritis symptoms, like pain, sleep and fatigue, and how mindfulness can help. Living with arthritis can lead to major stress. That stress can lead to more pain! It’s a downward cycle that can leave you mentally and physically exhausted. Research suggests that mindfulness practices can help people living with chronic pain. But the idea of even practicing mindfulness and meditation to break that pain cycle can be scary.

In this episode, Rebecca and Julie learn how stress impacts our bodies and our brains. We will explore simple ways to introduce mindfulness into their arthritis care management.

Dr. Nicole Reilly will help us better understand how our bodies respond to pain and what we can do to break the cycle. She's an integrative medicine physician who specializes in chronic pain.

So, what does incorporating mindfulness into your life look like?
Yogi and meditation guru Meryl Arnett will teach you techniques on how to get started. You can start to introduce compassion and self-care into your day one minute at a time.

An added bonus, you can practice a mindful minute with Meryl, Rebecca and Julie. Grab a hot cup of coffee or tea and tune in!

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Episode 1 - CBD Show Notes Sun, 17 Nov 2019 06:00:00 -0500 3a2fdcaf-ea50-4ac0-9dc5-2e380941eb54 On this episode, we’re talking about CBD for arthritis symptom relief, with special guest Dr. Kevin Boehnke from the Chronic Pain and Fatigue Research Center at the University of Michigan. Is it worth the hype, time and money? Everybody is talking about CBD. We are, too! From health and beauty products to foods, even your local coffee shop may be getting in on the action. People take it for everything from anxiety and depression to pain and sleeplessness, even migraines. A growing number of people with all types of arthritis from osteoarthritis to rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis or fibromyalgia say they’ve tried it or plan to.

In this episode, we interview Kevin Boehnke, PhD is a research investigator at the Chronic Pain and Fatigue Research Center at the University of Michigan School of Medicine. He is leading several studies examining the effects of cannabis and cannabinoids as an analgesic and opioid substitute in chronic pain. He’ll separate fact from fiction and give valuable advice and guardrails for trying CBD products for arthritis pain.
“I think that there's a lot of promise for CBD to be helpful for people with arthritis, and the more that we view it in a thoughtful and judicious way, as a tool opposed to as a panacea,” Kevin Boehnke, PhD.

Together co-hosts and patients with arthritis, Julie and Rebecca, ask questions about known research, benefits and risks. Boenhke provides tips for setting treatment goals, tracking symptoms and monitoring any benefits. You’ll also hear tips for savvy shopping and the how the Arthritis Foundation is reaching out to the FDA establish regulations to protect consumers.

Arthritis Foundation CBD Guidance for Adults With Arthritis
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Breaking the Pain Chain